Produktkode: 250-CB100

Pris: kr.235

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-aluminium cutting ruler with raised edge to protect fingers
-special anti-slip underside


Anti-slip cutting ruler, indispensable for advertising companies, window film installers, exhibition stand builders, photo studios, etc. that need to cut straight lines without the cutting ruler sliding all over the place.

A unique solid aluminium cutting ruler with all of the advantages that you could possibly wish for: strong, stable, straight, but above all safe. This allows you to make long cuts with ease, without the fear of the knife ‘jumping’ and running across your fingers. The workshop becomes safer and production is increased. Large sheets of film and thick, rigid materials can now be cut with ease.
The calibrations are clearly displayed in centimetres. This allows cuts to be made straight to size.
The special anti-slip underside ensures perfect stability on every surface, be it glass,
acrylate, card, linoleum, rubber or anything else for that matter; the ruler remains perfectly still during cutting. The ideal tool for large colour prints and the like. The anti-slip foam layer prevents the ruler from coming in to contact with your work preventing it from damage when the ruler is slid around. Very handy!

The thick ant-slip layer not only prevents slipping, but also protects your work from damage.
The special raised edge saves your fingers from being cut.