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- 3mm (120 mil) thick double layer calibrated cutting mat
- Available in black, green and transparent

Available in different sizes and colors:


High quality cutting mat which closes after every cut, preventing your knife from following previous cuts. These mats are triple layer enabling both sides to be used. So they’ll last twice as long!

Handy tip: Use a number of smaller mats on a large table - e.g. 2’x 3’ (60x90) instead of one large mat. Experience has taught us that some areas of a table are used more often than others, so the mats wear out quicker in some places than others. If you follow this advice you should only have to replace a single small mat instead of the whole table area. Simply attach the mat to the table with double sided tape. Never place warm or hot things (e.g. cups of coffee) on the cutting mat. This will cause permanent surface damage to the mat.

The mat has a solid core which ensures that it remains flat on the table without curling.

The calibrations on the upper side allow the accurate positioning of the film or cutting ruler.

Cutting tracks are eliminated ensuring every cut is perfect. Even cutting in the finest detail is possible.

Transparent cutting mats are ideal for use on illuminated tables, because the light shines through the cutting mat.