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- highly moisture absorbent, dust and lint free ; won’t tear
- ideal for cleaning joints and other nooks and crannies.
- indispensable for film fitters and car wrappers

Ultra Clean white polishing cloths, often called surgical cloths, are manufactured from a micro fibre material and are completely lint and dust free. Not one single fibre is released during polishing. This enables the perfect cleaning of any surface.
Extremely high moisture absorbency.

The all-round professional
Ultra Clean is so versatile it can truly be called an all-round professional.
It can be used for cleaning electrical components, printer heads on industrial printing equipment, cleaning and degreasing windows and windscreens before the application of film. Also ideal for cleaning acrylate and rigid foam sheets, as well as for cleaning cars and other vehicles before applying film.

Inspection cloth : Ideal !
These cloths are also highly suited for cleaning and degreasing hard to access areas such as in gaps and joints on cars and other vehicles.

Experience has taught us that these are critical places that are often overlooked during cleaning. That’s just not possible when Ultra Clean cloths are used. If necessary, just wrap a cloth around one of our special squeegees. Apply a little SOTT Surface Cleaner-II (600-SC02) or Industrial Degreaser (600-T800) to the cloth and get in to those nooks and crannies. The cloth will absorb the dirt which will be visible on the cloth itself. Only when the cloth stops absorbing dirt is the surface clean enough for the application of film.

Ultra Clean cloths are available in packs of 10 or 100.

Simply take a squeegee and wrap a cloth around it, this will allow you to clean and check all of those hard to access areas.
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