Produktkode: 300-035

Pris: kr.112

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Before film is applied the glass should be clean, degreased, and any hard specks of dust or dirt should be removed.

However, it’s not always easy to get to every part of the window. Perhaps the window is just too big, or perhaps you can’t get behind a radiator or a cabinet, etc.

It’s now a piece of cake! Just attach a scouring pad (see 300-026) to the Velcro on the SCRUBBER and use where necessary. The SCRUBBER is made of sturdy plastic allowing a good deal of pressure to be applied during cleaning.

The SCRUBBER is equipped with a strip of Velcro allowing the simple attachment of a scouring pad.

Use on this squeegee :
Scrub pad 300-026 / 300-027