Produktkode: 300-010T

Pris: kr.93

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Serrated for improved efficiency

For removing vinyl film, striping, stickers, decals, adhesive residue,
double-sided tape or any other adhesive film.
The special serrated edges keep the disk cool during use and enable easy handling.

Use the Strip-IT T-series to remove stickers, adhesive films, decals, labels, stripings, etc. from cars, boats, trucks, motorcycles, glass window panes, etc.
Also ideal for removing adhesive residue.

The STRIP-IT T-Series is safe and does not scratch or damage quality car paints and acrylic and urethane paints, glass, metal, etc. Do not use on soft, delicate or fresh paints or coatings.

Special formulated rubber
Size: 102 x 25,4 mm
Recommended speed: 3000 - 4000 rpm
Drill adapter included

Instructions for use
Use the adapter for mounting it on a drill. Set drill to the right speed (rpm). Exert light pressure and move the disk back and forth whilst erasing. Any remaining adhesive residue or deposits can be polished away with SOTT 600-Z0415 Right-Off Adhesive Remover or 600-T800 Industrial Degreaser. Test on a small area before you start erasing large areas.