Produktkode: 300-006CMB

Pris: kr.28
ekskl. moms: kr.23

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Mini (dwarf) COMBO set with 3x curved + 3x straight scrapers) 

Removing adhesive residue and hard bits of dirt from surfaces can be a problem. Scouring pads, blades and metal scrapers can cause scratches. That is why Scraperite’s orange scrapers are a godsend. This small plastic holder has an orange polycarbonate razorblade and does not scratch.

You can use it on car paint, acrylic, hard foam, wood, glass, etc.

A handy and indispensable scraper for every mechanic and should actually be available in every Tool Bag, Tool Box and Tool Station. In this way you can be sure that the cleaning, removal and scrubbing is done properly and without problems.

Separate scrapers are also available.

The scraper has a sharp edge on both sides so that, for example, glue residue can be scraped up very easily.

TIP : scrape it to one heap and scoop it onto your cleaning cloth. Repeat this procedure until all glue residues are gone.


For best results use:

Right-Off Adhesive remover 600-Z0415
Spray N Gone Window film Adhesive remover 600-Z0440