Produktkode: 300-GSR-2

Pris: kr.90
ekskl. moms: kr.72

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- robust and durable
- 6 spare blades in the body

The OLFA 300-GSR-2 is a durable, multi-purpose mini scraper suitable for tight, narrow spaces and curved surfaces. The handle is made of light, strong and reinforced fiberglass, with an enveloping non-slip grip that provides the user with a comfortable grip and better control over the blade. All metal parts are made of stainless steel. Suitable for gently removing burnt-in stains, suitable for use on windows. Locked blade avoids movement in the handle during heavy applications.

The blade container easily snaps into the handle when the tool is in use and serves as a blade safety cap if needed. Made of high-quality Japanese carbon steel and designed for unmatched sharpness and superior edge retention.

Works great for scraping:

Ceramic or glass hotplate
Excess Paint
Silicone sealant
Glass surfaces
Tile surfaces
Excess adhesive and grout