Produktkode: 300-GSR-1/3B

Pris: kr.122
ekskl. moms: kr.98

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- 12 cm wide
- extra flat for better cleaning

OLFA’s special scraper makes it easy to remove paint, glue residue, stickers, glass paint and all kinds of dirt from glass surfaces.
The thin design of the 300-GSR-1 allows it to go very low and flat over the glass. Ideal for use on wet surfaces, as the blade, mounting plate and screw are stainless steel.

The blade is 0.25mm thick and ground on both sides.

By loosening the fixing screw and moving the metal plate, the worn blade can be easily removed. The cover of the blade can be slid onto the handle, giving you even more grip while scraping. Comes with 3 spare blades (120-GSB-1S).