Produktkode: 100-030

Pris: kr.238
ekskl. moms: kr.190

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- turn your foil box into a cutting dispenser
- cut your film directly from the box

Small aluminum knife holder that is easy to place on the edge of the film box so you can cut your film to a specific width
directly from the box.

How does it work ?

1. Turn back the socket at the slot so that the slot is completely free.
2. Clamp a snap-off blade into the slot, sharp side down.
3. Tighten the socket so that the bolt clamps the break-off knife.
4. Now place the knife holder on the edge of the box, with the shear blade pointing inward, towards your foil inside the box
5. Now pull your foil up a little and insert the foil through your knife blade.
6. Now gradually pull your foil up in one smooth motion, as far as you like.

TIP : tape the beginning of your filM to a tube so that you have the same tension
over the entire width when pulling up and cutting through.

WE RECOMMEND these break-off blades are the best for this application :
NT blades 30° 120-BD-100A or OLFA blades 30° 120-SAB10.