Produktkode: 250-CM-A4

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* Størrelse - OLFA Self-Healing cutting mats:
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250-CM series

OLFA CUTTING MAT multi-purpose self-healing craft

One side shows cm, one side shows inches

CM series multi-purpose self-healing cutting mats are 2mm thick and specially designed for use with OLFA standard-duty cutters, heavy-duty cutters, art knives, rotary cutters and specialty cutters.
Double-sided with green base color and white grid lines with a metric grid on one side and an inch grid on the other. Grid lines are designed for easy measuring and for accurate cutting of straight lines and precise angles.

Self-healing, an OLFA original technology refers to the ability of the surface to return to its original shape after being cut and are ideal for general quilt cutting. A three-layer structure and soft cutting surface realize smooth cutting even after many years of use. CM mats protect your work area and greatly extend the life of your blades.


Keep the mats away from sunlight and heat

Mats must be stored flat

Not suitable for use with steam irons

Not suitable for use with OLFA MC-45 and MC-45/DX


20 x 30cm 250-CM-A4

30 x 45cm 250-CM-A3

45 x 60cm 250-CM-A2

60 x 90cm 250-CM-A1