Produktkode: 120-FWB-10

Pris: kr.32
ekskl. moms: kr.26

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- wallpaper cutting blades
- super thin : 0.25 mm

This OLFA® EXCEL BLACK™ 12.5 mm blade is the only blade in the world developed specifically for cutting wallpaper.
It has been designed with a unique 65° angle, which was researched to be the ideal angle for cutting paper against a wall, and getting into corners. The ultra thin (0.25 mm) blades will cut even the wettest, pasted wallpaper without dragging or tearing, and more importantly, leave near enough invisible joins.

Splicing two layers of wallpaper is a pain with other blades, but these ones make it effortless, and leave results that impress. The blade has 13 snap segments.

- Sharpest possible blade for sutting wallpaper
- Ultra thin for near invisible joins
- Cuts through wet, pasted paper without dragging or tearing.